Jonty Hurwitz (1)

Description of work

‘Yoda and the Anamorph’ explores our often-misguided perception of how others perceive us. The sculpture tries to reflect that wide gamut of feelings we go through on a regular basis.  “I’m ugly.” “I’m alone.”  “I’m misunderstood.” “I’m a genius.”  This piece tries to capture all of these self-perceptions and then in a moment of epiphany separates perception and reality (in no uncertain terms): distorted self-awareness.  So, looking into the reflection... all you see is... a human head.  The stark reality is that we are all just generic people making our way in the world. It is important to note that the subject himself is not looking into the reflection.  

In preparation for this submission, I have done a lot of research into finding a way of bringing this sculpture to life on a large (and weatherable) scale within some kind of realistic budget (in line with the prize money).  I have found a very exciting way of doing it using yacht-grade resin and car lacquer.  This maquette is currently on public exhibition with Benliff Gallery in Maidstone, so I am unfortunately unable to offer the piece for immediate evaluation. It is worth noting though that the piece has had wonderful public reception and recently won the ‘Visitors Vote’ in the Benliff Gallery by a large margin.  This was an exciting moment for me, given that it was the first public exhibition of my work.  I have no doubt, based on feedback from Benliff, that ‘Yoda’ would be genuinely compelling on a large scale.  Somehow, this piece really fascinates viewers, partly because the physics are so easily accessible.

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