Dido Crosby - White Gazelle

A life-size, small delicate Arabian gazelle in a ghostly white colour standing, staring, as if glimpsed in or made of mist.  I see the gazelle as a ghostly vision, fragile, pale and surprising, perhaps between trees in a clearing.  

The sculpture is naturalistic, delicate and smooth but she is not the sandy desert colour she would be in life, rather a gleaming greyish white that brings to mind a classical marble or perhaps a creature of cloud.

The mountain gazelle is a desert species which can survive by drinking only dew from early morning mists, collected on her own fur.  Siting an elusive, pale version in the Ligurian hills would be like a glimpse into a possible future, a reminder that water is precious.

White Gazelle was cast at Bronze Age fine art foundry in London in 2009.  I first made the piece in plaster, worked on the wax cast and the final bronze to polish it smooth and then I patinated it in titanium white over a black liver undercoat to give it a misty depth. The patina will eventually turn a very, very pale green after a many years of weathering.

She stands a little over a meter high and so is a good size for stroking or for children to sit on.  Her hooves are drilled and tapped so the sculpture can be fixed to a buried base.

I feel she couldn’t be better sited than in Colletta's beautiful parkland.


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