Eva Masterman - We're Family

'We're Family' was born through my fascination with process and deals with breakdowns in relationships and connections between people.

The recurring form was loosely based on the sails of a wind turbine that I pass on my journey back to my parents’ house and the spinning motion of the sails is repeated in the fan of these forms.  Whilst on this journey, I began to muse on how many of the relationships that were once so important, have taken on a different meaning, or broken down altogether.

My practise is heavily involved in the process of making and I have recently become interested in the breakdown of an object through specific methods of production.  ‘We’re Family’ was originally made out of clay, cast with a plaster mould and recast in concrete.  Through the casting process, cement gradually breaks down the surface of the mould as it dries.  As a result, each of the ‘sails’ are similar, but different, developing growths on their surfaces.

I find an apt metaphor for the continual disintegration, or rearranging, of relationships, that through the destruction of one object, another is born, similar and yet inherently changed.

If selected, ‘We’re Family’ would stand on a concrete base, not only to secure it, but also to create a monolith, in memorandum for those that are no longer a part of my life.


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