Gordon Dickinson - Flight


I am based in Wiltshire where I work predominantly with mild steel to create work based on nature and organic form.  The process I follow involves heating, beating, burning and arc welding to produce individual works of art.  Mild steel, if placed outside, will be affected by the elements, causing it to take on a wonderful natural rust patina.  I enjoy the fact that nature not only inspires my work but also continues to affect it after I have finished.


This sculpture consists of five mild steel birds of prey, perched on posts made of branches taken from fallen trees. 

The posts would increase slightly in height from one end to the other and the birds’ wings would be in different positions, as in stop frame photography, creating a form of animation.  As the viewer walks past the sculpture, the intended impression would be of taking off with the bird.

A rust patina would occur that could be arrested at any stage by spraying with a clear lacquer.  The birds will endure the elements for many years but I cannot say how long the posts will last, previous ones are still fine after six years.  This is not a big problem, though, as the posts are easily replaceable simply by cutting a new post and drilling a hole in either end.

I have had this idea in my head for almost seven years since I made my first bird.  These birds have helped to put food on my table, a roof over my head, and the confidence to pursue a career in sculpting.  I owe them much.  To now have the possible opportunity to finally create this piece for such a beautiful setting as Colletta excites me very much.

Each bird is hand crafted individually, creating a slightly different character every time.  I love my work, and hope that it shows in my sculptures; my joy comes from turning a cold, lifeless material such as steel into a thing that that has life and beauty.


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