Gordon Dickinson - You Make my Head Spin


I am based in Wiltshire where I work predominantly with mild steel to create work based on nature and organic form.  The process I follow involves heating, beating, burning and arc welding to produce individual works of art.  Mild steel, if placed outside, will be affected by the elements, causing it to take on a wonderful natural rust patina.  I enjoy the fact that nature not only inspires my work but also continues to affect it after I have finished.


This is essentially a self portrait.  The head is made up of eight profile sections taken from my own face.  When pushed, it spins around.

The ivy-like plant spiralling up my body represents external entities that have made my journey as a self-taught artist such a struggle.

Inside the head is a brain within a brain - one wants to fly while the other controls the realities of life.

The reason the head spins is to represent the notion of constant observation required to feed one's artistic and creative hunger.

The title is an instruction to the viewer to interact with the piece for without an audience the sculpture becomes redundant.


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