Jude Tucker


I have been a practising artist all my life and have worked in many different media.  After graduating, I  spent several years working with ceramics before returning to ‘basics’ when my youngest daughter began school. This resulted in many years concentrating on drawing, usually large scale and closely observed from the natural world. In 2003, whilst experiencing an artist’s block and at the same time undergoing a  huge life change, I began to carve stone. This was the one untried discipline I had long wanted to do . 

I now work exclusively with stone.  My subject matter is drawn from the natural world.  The years of drawing strongly inform my work and my aims have now become very simple.  I seek to celebrate and express the beauty of the world around us and to make work which touches the heart. I strive to carve sculptures which are elegant and uplifting and which not only bring delight but are open to personal interpretation and connection. 

I live and work in a small village near Stratford-upon-Avon. 


My proposal is to create a carved stone sculpture. 

The form, whilst abstracted, will be based upon natural plant forms. I am therefore submitting three maquettes which are based upon the spiral form that appears frequently within all living forms and is also found at the very heart of life, our DNA.  The spiral has been used since the birth of humanity and  its symbolism is still relevant today.


The sculpture will be in white stone - either  Italian Marble or English Portland Stone.

The plinth would be dark - English Hornton Stone if the sculpture is in marble.  If the sculpture is in English stone I would like the plinth to be in a dark Italian stone. I wish to combine stones from both Italy and England within the piece.  The height of the plinth would depend upon the size and siting of the sculpture.


The sculpture would be finished smooth. Enough to show the inner qualities of the stone but not to put a reflective shine on the surface. The plinth could  be either smooth or roughly textured to give contrast.  It may be appropriate to use a natural boulder with the top surface cut flat for the sculpture (as in Double Form, that can be seen on my website).


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