Maggie King - Sanctuary

'Sanctuary' has perfect balance and a quality of fragility in its finely pared thinness into which are carved cuts and a hollowed niche.

The cuts refer to wounding and the triangular niche, influenced by the simplicity of ancient dwelling places such as caves and stone huts, refers to a sanctuary.

The form is a response to the meditative state in which human vulnerability finds equilibrium between wounding turmoil inflicted by the outer world and the sanctuary existing within our inner being.

In this meditative state we find balance - a calm and peace in our inner space. We reside there safely, aware of, but separate from, outer wounds.

History is buried in the limestone, formed millions of years ago, from which the sculpture is carved and chiselling into the ancient stone in the triangular shape has gradually revealed virgin territory – a newly discovered place within which the eye can reside, cradled and in serenity.

Similarly, history is harboured in the ancient stone of Colletta, out ofwhich its dwellings have been newly reconstructed and, although with the ability to link when required to the world-wide web, these are at the same time sheltered from the turmoil of the world, being cradled in the mountains, giving its community a serene and safe haven.

The act of carving is in itself a meditative experience.It has a measured pace and as one works into the stone one uncovers a new territory – an untouched and silent place.

 The sculpture intends to offer an experience of balance and calm.

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