Noel Blakeman - Cheese Plant

‘Cheese Plant' is a bespoke handcrafted stainless steel, swiss cheese plant (monstera deliciosa).The plants shown in the attached photos range from 180cm tall with 16 leaves to just over 300cm tall with 30 leaves. 

Each leaf has its own unique shape, size and finish.The leaves' dimensions are calculated using the Fibonacci series and phi (the golden ratio) and their sizes range from 188mm to 488mm in width.The surface finishes vary from a very reflective mirror polished finish to a ground effect that that I have developed that mimics the natural leaves surface texture.All the leaves stems are flared at their junction to the main vine to try and replicate mother nature as closely as possible.

These plants really come to life when they are placed outside.The leaves reflect the colours and shapes of their surroundings as well as the silhouettes of the other leaves and stems on the plant.When the sun shines on them and the wind starts to move the stems and leaves around from a distance the plant will blend into its surroundings and you forget that it is actually stainless steel. 

The plants also look equally stunning at night if they are correctly illuminated with flood lights, the reflective nature of the stainless steel and the different finish applied to the leaf surfaces makes the light dance off the leaf surfaces and move around as the leaves sway in the wind or move around in the cooling temperatures. 

My ‘cheese’ plants are very hard wearing, the stainless steel has been sourced for exterior use and they only need a quick wipe down once in a while.

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