Noel Blakeman - 'Organic' Tree Chandelier

‘'Organic’ Tree Chandelier' is a hanging sculptural light that has been designed and handcrafted to be positioned outside and preferably hung from a large tree or alternatively can be designed as a floor standing piece. 

The chandelier will have 168 curved mirror polished stainless steel tubes each of which has a colour changing (uv stable) fibre optic strand emerging from it that continues the same curve as the stainless steel tube.  

The design of the chandelier was inspired by the seed heads on a clematis vine, that chose to grow outside my kitchen window.  

The maths behind the dimensions, ratios and radii used in the design closely resemble the numbers in the Fibonacci series.The numbers in this series commonly occur in nature and they are found in the particular clematis seed head I was using as my inspiration. 

The chandelier is hung from three very thin high tensile stainless steel wires to give the piece stability in the wind but has the illusion of being suspended solely from its fibre optic harness (the gathered fibre optic strands).The harness itself is an integral part of the design, as the light travels down it’s length to the chandelier some of the light is forced to leach out by putting a gentle twist in the harness, which puts the single fibres under stress.The result is that at night the chandelier looks as if it is hanging on a core of light. 

The chandelier has a dual personality.By day the polished stainless steel tubes reflect the sun light and the fibre optic strands gently move in the wind and soften the piece.By night the drama is passed to the fibre optic strands which glow and make the whole piece seem larger and the colour changing element of the light make the chandelier seem as if it is breathing in and out when the colour changes from one colour to another. 

I have sourced excellent exterior grade uv stable fibre optic strands and ip rated water proof light sources to illuminate the chandelier so there will not be a problem with the chandelier be positioned outside all year round.Maintenance will be limited to wiping down the stainless steel tubes once in a while.

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