Philip Black - Inspiralling

'Inspiralling' consists of a tall rusted spiral of steel.  

This sculpture explores the relationship between the desire to grow and the need to protect - it is a reflection of being a father.  The form stretches upwards inspiringly, growing taller.  It is of a scale that a child sees in an adult.  It is only from a distance that you can observe how the form subtly seems to temper its own growth, and peters out, tapering to a point.  But it stands by itself, it can support itself, it is independent, strong. 

But stand within its radius and it switches to being a shield, supporting and protecting you.  Seemingly devoting all its attention to you, you are at the centre of its world.  Wrapping you in the safety of its embrace.  It is reassuringly solid.

It speaks then of the dichotomy of parenthood - on the one hand competing in the adult world, on the other protecting and caring, shielding your child from harm.

Creating this piece lead me to much contemplation of the relationship I have with my father and the type of father I am to my own son.  But regardless of the weight of that journey this is a playful piece that engages the viewer and encourages them to step into it.  It is truly at home in the outdoors where people feel more able to physically interact with a sculpture, rather than just view without touching.

The sculpture will be bolted to a concrete base which will be hidden below the ground.

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