Will Clifford - Castello

'Castello' is a site-specific artwork developed in response to the architectural heritage of Colletta and Northern Italy. The intention is to create a sculptural intervention that interacts both with the audience and its environment.

Exploring the sense of place created through culture, history and architecture plays a fundamental part in my sculptural practice. The site responsive nature of my practice seeks to address how an audience interacts not only with the work I make but also the space it inhabits. Working directly with a specific space and community are central to my practice.

The language of architecture plays a fundamental part in my sculptural practice, both conceptually and visually. This is reinforced through the use of materials and techniques more commonly associated with the construction industry. Castello would be made up of 5 sheets of laser cut Mild Steel, a strong, durable material suitable for use in an outdoor location. The steel would naturally age over time taking on a rich orange and brown rust covering which is intended to echo the burnt sienna and umber hues of Northern Italy.

Inspired by a section of a child's toy castle, 'Castello' is intended to directly reference the legacy of Italy’s architectural and cultural history. Echoing the medieval construction of many of the walled towns in the northern region, as well as the tradition of constructing towers in towns such as Bologna and San Gimignano. This sculpture would be a playful intervention into the space, creating an artwork that is accessible to audiences of all ages, backgrounds and expectations.

The work I make seeks to address the ways in which we map and classify the world around us. These works directly responded to an environment, drawing on the architectural heritage of the surrounding landscape and referencing the associated cultural frameworks, in an attempt to provide a means of visually navigating the space.

When creating site-specific work it can often be difficult to find both the physical and mental space in which to work. The time and space to really focus on developing my practice and the critical distance to objectively assess new work are invaluable. The Noble Prize for Sculpture offers an opportunity to produce an ambitious and challenging new artwork in response to the unique landscape of Northern Italy.


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