Euan Cunningham - Cone

Cone is fabricated in mirror polished rolled stainless steel and carved oak.

A familiar shape, conjuring up images from our imagination and from the world around us.  The cone has a secret function, an unlikely function, considering its shape and a surreal notion to place it within the landscape.

My work reflects our relationship with everyday objects and shapes and Cone continues this theme.  There appears at first to be an unlikely personal interaction with the viewer, until they persist and enter a personal dialogue with the piece to reveal its secret.

It is important to me that my work is recognisable, shapes that are known, materials that are appropriate, all add to the relationship between the viewer and the work.

I want to probe that relationship we have with everyday shapes and articles and create surprises whenever possible.  Combining this with humour, I feel also creates sensations that stay with the viewer.

The notion of practicality, in this case a stool, invites the viewer into a more intimate dialogue.  This is important to me, that there is this personal connection.

The choice of materials is vital and that the work is durable.  The use of stainless steel and oak ensure a longevity to the piece.  These materials excel as a construction medium, providing a surface finish that can glisten in the rain or be at oneself and its surroundings, allowing the viewer to enjoy it in many different ways.

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