Euan Cunningham - Garlic-crusher

This proposed piece - a giant garlic crusher - continues the theme that runs through my work; an everyday shape or object transformed in scale and context into something new, to be placed in the landscape; a surreal idea and a humorous notion.

My work reflects our relationship with everyday objects - things we use all the time, articles that we take for granted. Wanting to take a closer look at these forms and shapes I have grown up with, I transform them into visual objects in a different context.  Altering their scale and manipulating their function enables a completely different interaction and relationship.  

The notion of practicality, as seating, invites the viewer into a more intimate dialogue.  It is important to me that there is this personal connection with the work. It also essential to me that my work is recognisable.  Shapes that are known, materials that are appropriate all add to the relationship between the viewer and the work.  This, I hope, engages the onlooker quickly into a dialogue.  

My work is based on forms that are all around us and I want to probe that relationship that we have with these everyday articles. If these ideas can be combined with humour, then I feel that these sensations can stay with the viewer.  

The choice of materials is important.  Aluminium would be appropriate as also is the manufacturing process; casting; the suggestion of a mass produced item.
This piece will be very hard wearing and weather well in the exterior.

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