The Prize

The Noble Prize for Sculpture - a competition for sculptors



The Bernard Noble Sculpture Foundation had as its objective to support, encourage and promote young, emerging or unrepresented sculptors by means of an annual award or commission of an outdoor sculpture prize to an artist for a sculpture to be acquired and exhibited by the Foundation. The deadline for applications was the fifth of February.

Former conditions for participation


1. The Competition is open to artists located in the United Kingdom or Italy.

2.  Participation is free.

3.  Each artist may submit either a sculpture or a maquette (or drawings, written statements, photographs, plans, etc) for consideration or commission with no limitations regarding subject, dimensions, technique or medium other than as laid out under point 4, below.

4.  The winning sculpture will be exhibited outdoors and be subject to wind, rain, sun and extremes of temperature and must therefore be made of material(s) that can be considered lasting. It must be of a scale that is suitable for an outdoor landscape.

5.  The winning sculpture will be acquired and retained by the Foundation as part of its collection.

6.  While the artist is responsible for the costs of the execution and realisation of the sculpture, the Foundation may chose to assist in defraying such costs.

7.  The Foundation shall assume the costs of transport and installation.

8.  The Foundation reserves the right to not award a prize in any given year.

9.  Artists who wish to participate must complete an application form that can be downloaded from below and that must be returned to the foundation at either or The Bernard Noble Sculpture Foundation, 80 Dora Road, London, SW19 7HH with supporting materials to arrive no later than the fifth of February.

10.  Materials will either be returned to the artist at the artist's expense or remain on deposit at the Foundation's archive.         

Selection and award of the prize

The selection and award will take place in three stages.

1.  The first phase will comprise a review of all materials submitted to the Foundation. The review will result in a short list of sculptures that will be considered for the prize. It will be undertaken by the Foundation's trustees and by any external jurors that may be invited to join the trustees in adjudication.

2.  The second phase will comprise a visit by some or all of the jurors to conduct an 'in-situ' review of the short-listed sculptures or maquettes or proposals.

3.  The third phase will comprise the award of a prize of no less than £5,000 (five thousand pounds sterling) on or around the sixth of May.

The jurors

Mr Robert Barr (Trustee)
Mrs Anna Best (Colletta di Castelbianco)
Mr Neil Burgess (Trustee)
Mr Mario Cavalli (Trustee)
Mr Richard Jennings (Trustee)
Mrs Adriana Noble (Trustee)
Mr Bruno Noble (Chairman)
Mr Ole Wiig (Colletta di Castelbianco) 

Contact :
Registered charity : 1124352