2010 - Dido Crosby

The 2010 Noble Sculpture Prize was awarded to Dido Crosby for 'White Gazelle'.

White Gazelle' is a life-size, delicate mountain gazelle – naturalistic, fine and smooth and a gleaming, greyish white that brings to mind a classical marble. Walkers who encounter this ephemeral gazelle will have that visceral thrill for the split second it takes them to realise they have locked eyes with a captivating sculpture. 

The ‘White Gazelle’ was cast at Bronze Age fine art foundry in London. Dido first made the piece in plaster, worked on the wax cast and the final bronze to polish it smooth and then patinated it in titanium white over a black liver undercoat to give the gazelle its misty depth.  The patina will eventually turn a very, very pale green after a many years of weathering.  The ‘White Gazelle’ stands a little over a meter high and is a good size for stroking and for children to sit on.  

The jurors were taken with the sheer artistic quality of the work, with the precision of Dido’s anatomical observation and the excellence and elegance of its execution. 

More of Dido's work can be seen here.

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